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Kristopher R. Kotch 

Pastor Mary Ann

Pastor Mary Ann Kotch


The Dream Team

Touching lives has always been part of my life whether it was ministering to the poor, the hungry, the hurting or interpreting dreams and visions.  It is a God-given blessing that I’ve cherished throughout most of my life.  



Pastor Mary Ann Kotch is moderator and host of  Mary Ann is a master dream interpreter. She has accurately interpreted thousands of dreams. Mary Ann is a gifted

Seer and has ministered to all ages both in formal settings and

street ministry.   She has ministered in the United States, Canada, South America and Caribbean Islands.

Heloise (Lois) Ridley 

Heloise (Lois) Ridley, a seasoned dream interpreter, mother of six, homeschooler, children and youth pastor MA in business administration. Marketing major. Now going to school for MA in professional counseling. Speaker of family concerns & parent educator. 

Pat Foley 

Pat Foley is consistent and dedicated in learning the skill of dream interpretation. She gives insight to the team as we work through each dream that is presented during our weekly classes. Pat plays a positive role as part of DreamLab7’s team.  She is beginning the intermediate level of certification. 

 Kristopher Kotch is an ordained minister who is highly gifted in the revelatory realm. He is a master interpreter who has been trained extensively in the skill of dream interpretation blessing many with accurate dream interpretations. Kristopher has pastored and ministered prophetically in the Mideast, United States, Canada and Italy. Kristopher is especially gifted in drawing interpretations together in a concise and relevant manner. 

Linda Shandra

Linda Shandra is an ordained minister, prophetically gifted and is  certified and highly trained in the skill of dream interpretation. Her interpretations are insightful and mature as she ministers to dreamers of all ages. She is dedicated to the word of God and has used her dream interpretive skills in community settings as well as street ministry. 

Pastor Stephen M. Kotch

Pastor Stephen Kotch is the prayer covering for Stephen has, during this past year, begun flowing in the prophetic realm and has begun sharing his insight and wisdom. He is now part of the dream team as a beginner in learning the skill of dream interpretation. We have welcomed him with open arms.

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