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DreamLab7 Staff

Pastor Mary Ann Kotch
Pastor Stephen M. Kotch

Mary Ann Kotch is founder, administrator and director of DreamLab7, a leading international dream and vision interpretation website.   She has pastored for 24 years and has a history that spans 31years of experience and knowledge in the revelatory realm. She is a prophetic Seer with the God-given ability to see into the hearts of individuals. Mary Ann is also certified with Elijah House in spiritual counseling, mentoring and inner healing. 


Her resume includes hundreds of hours of training and study under the guidance of respected national and international forerunners in the field of dream interpretation. She has interpreted thousands of dreams and is a  master interpreter in the field of dreams & visions.  Mary Ann’s interpretive skills are anchored in ancient Hebraic teaching. She is privileged to work with a team of dream interpreters some of whom are seekers and some who are well trained and have proven to be trustworthy and accurate in revelation and interpretative skills.


Mary Ann has ministered in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Caribbean Islands with sensitivity and insight with people of all ages and from all walks of life.  She is the author of numerous publications including “DreamLab7 Study Guide: Understanding the Language of Dreams & Visions,”  "Dream Journal," "Naturally Supernatural: Personal Experiences," “Speak Easy," “Colors," and an eBook titled  “Dreams Are For Real.” 

Pastor of River of Life @ KPM and is the spiritual covering for Dreamlab7.  Although just beginning to learn the skill of dream and vision interpretation, Stephen has pastored for 24 years with a special anointing for healing.  He is prolific in the revelatory gift of tongues and interpretation and has begun to experience more of the supernatural.   He has ministered healing in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Caribbean Islands.displaying the Father’s love with wisdom, sensitivity and  maturity.

Kristopher R. Kotch 

Reverend Kristopher is a prolific dreamer and a prophetically gifted minister of God’s Word.  He displays awesome revelatory insight in dream interpretation and other areas of the supernatural realm. Kristopher, a master interpreter, has exibited his interpretive skills with an accuracy that continues to be a blessing to young and old alike.   He has more than  22 years of experience as seer and teacher mentoring others in learning the skill of dream and vision interpretation.  Kristopher has ministered prophetically in the United   States, Canada, Italy and the Middle-East.

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