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Most dreams take place during certain times of the  night. It is called "rem" sleep.  This is a medical based reality but God isn't limited by this reality. He does speak to you in dreams and visions from the moment you fall asleep.  Dreams are metaphors, symbols, riddles, analogies, parables and sometimes dark speech. They are meant to be interpreted.  They are meant to cause you to search for the true meaning.​

Why are dreams and visions important?
Dreams are pictures of what God, the Creator, is saying to you.  They are given for your personal guidance and growth.    
What is dream interpretation?
Interpretation is when you explain or give a conception of a word.  It is not re-wording the dream.  

What is dream translation?

Translation: to change from one language to another while retaining the original meaning  The definitions of these words are closely related.  


How does DreamLab7 interpret a dream?

When interpreting dreams we are searching for God’s hidden message to the dreamer.  We are seeking “spiritual revelation” believing, as in scripture, God is communicating with the dreamer. 

This is significantly different than translating the language of the dream by retaining the original meaning of the elements. 


Why not translate the dream?

In a sense translating could be taking the message of the dream more literally than it is intended to be rather than discovering the spiritual message.






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