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How Long do Dreams Last?

Over the years I’ve interpreted a wide variety of dreams. Some dreams were in the category of two or three lines; others, quite often, were of epic proportions. I quickly realized that regardless of their length most dreams are messages from God and are of great individual importance. So I began looking into what I call “the time factor.” Short dreams, when recorded, whether they contain one line or ten, could lead the dreamer to conclude the dream may have taken place in the matter of a few minutes. On the other hand a recorded dream of 50 lines may indicate the dreamers experience may have lasted 20 minutes or more because of more details, scenes or circumstances. These assessments may be valid in light of the fact that we equate everything occurring in our life based on the reality of “earth time” as we know it.

Having said all of that I would like to share with you a totally different revelation I received regarding the answer to my question “Lord, how long do dreams last?” That’s a question that has always been somewhat perplexing to me since I never read or heard anyone allude to the subject. Not that it matters because I know it’s the message that’s important. Nevertheless I wondered. The answer I received wasn’t what I expected yet spiritually plausible.

While we conclude our dream may have taken place in minutes or even hours, that’s not the case at all. God communicates his personal message to us in what we can describe as “in the blink of an eye” i.e. he downloads the message instantaneously much like we send an internet email….hit “send” and it’s gone. Once we receive the message we then decipher it in our terms of earth time while in the spirit realm it had taken place in the span of a mere Nano-second.”

Everything we do is basically governed by the clock. We determine our activities, schedules, work, travel, longevity and everything else in the frame work of “earth time.” We have no other concept. God on the other hand operates quite differently since there is no time in the spirit realm. His ways quite frankly are not our ways. I now realize that God compresses his messages to us in that nanosecond yet we are able to remember, comprehend and label it in terms of human time.

How long do dreams last? Blink your eye.

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