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Dream Interpreter Qualifications

If you are a prolific dreamer looking for help in understanding your dreams, who do you go to too get the interpretation? What qualifications, do you believe represents a gifted dream interpreter? What is most important to you? Here are five guidelines that will help.

1--Is the God-given gift of dream interpretation a priority for you? Is the interpreter’s training at the top of your list?

2--Has the interpreter you are considering studied dream interpretation under credible dream interpreter(s) or has he/she taken psychology courses at a local college? Does the person have the experience of interpreting many dreams or have they simply read a book or interpreted some of their own dreams?

3--What method does the interpreter use to reach a dream interpretation? This is important since a dream is a divinely inspired message that will show understanding of where you are in life and the destiny to which the Creator is calling you to. Does the technique employed result from pure psychological methods advanced by Freud, Jung, or Gestalt? Or, is the method anchored in ancient Hebraic writings? These methods are dramatically different. Freund, Jung and Gestalt say dreams originate in our sub-conscious while the Hebraic method is biblically centered as being divinely inspired messages from God.

4--Is character, integrity and trustworthiness a preference for you? Would you trust this interpreter with a confidential dream, something that may be very intimate? Does the interpreter show a sincere interest in you and your dream? Will he/she take the time to investigate, seek wisdom, and pray through the dream? Has the person stood the test of time? Are they most likely to be of good character? Do they display integrity and humility?

5--Are you interested in the foundational belief system of the interpreter. This is a question that will clearly give you information as to what is the source the interpreter uses in giving the interpretation. Is their source the intellect, psychology, or are they a follower of Jesus?

I believe an interpreter who is worthy of trust will receive each dream as though it were extremely important to the dreamer. They will take the time to answer questions and interpret dreams with love and encouragement even if the message may be difficult for the dreamer to receive. I also believe a dream interpretation is not the place for council or advice. Remaining true to the dream language is a priority. I believe God speaks to us in the nighttime hours and is

speaking to the dreamer for a reason. As we learn from biblical writings all interpretations belong to God. There is one interpretation, one divinely inspired message that is communicated through God. Each attribute mentioned above is important. Of the five guidelines which three would be at the top of your list?

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