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Sexual Dreams

Sexual dreams can be very explicit and quite embarrassing. For this reason many will keep them a secret because they are very personal and people don't relish sharing very private issues with others. If we believe that God is in control and that He is communicating in this manner it’s important to trust that there is a reason and a purpose in the dream that goes beyond the implication or issues the dream is highlighting. Let’s open the doors and windows and allow light to be shed on this very sensitive subject.

We completely understand the personal nature of this type of dream. Remember the number one lesson in learning about dream interpretation is dreams are symbolic. Take a step back and reference that sexual acts in dreams most likely mean something other than what they actually are. They can be dealing with the dreamers deep feelings or perhaps God is calling attention to an area of the dreamer’s life that needs healing. The Creators purpose in giving us any kind of a dream is to draw us closer to Him bring healing and help us to become what He wants us to become. Love is the foundation, the root of our relationship with God. He knows what He is doing and really and truly does not want to freak us out.

There was a wise man named Solomon who wrote a book inspired by the Creator that contains a lot of intimacy and sexual imagery. The book is called Song of Solomon. It is in the bible. I suggest you take the time to read it. It may help you go beyond the aversion or shyness you feel about this type of dream.

There are dreams that call attention to the need for healing concerning perversion or abuse the dreamer may have experienced in the past even as far back as childhood. The purpose for a dream like this could very well be calling the dreamer’s attention to the need to openly deal with the problem. Forgiveness could be necessary and important in order for them to receive more in- depth healing of wounds that remain that are affecting the dreamers’ life.

It is very important to consider the entire context of the dream whenever there is a sexual act involved. It may be addressing relationship or intimacy issues that don't actually have anything to do with the actual sexual act. Some questions to ask are significant. Who? Is it your husband, is it your boyfriend is it your neighbor or is it someone from the past. Why? Do you just want to be close and share your life with them or are you seeking relationship or perhaps pleasure. Is the person an authority figure in your life or is it an actual person or could it be someone whose name, social standing or reputation is noteworthy in life. There are many questions to be answered in order to receive the message that will fulfill the purpose of the dream.

I am going to give you a few examples in the hope that they will help you to put your thinking caps on. An important reminder is this...God loves you; therefore the messages of the night always encompass that love. Any kind of sensual act with someone close to you such as a husband or wife could be symbolic of commitment or perhaps vulnerability. In some cases it may represent intimacy or relationship with the Lord. God will sometimes give us dreams that are shocking such as same sex encounters. Although this type of dream causes a person to feel awkward following the dream, however during the dream they may actually feel good. The purpose of the dream shows there is something in the dreamer’s life that is clearly ineffective or unproductive.

The issue of rape can literally be calling attention to an actual sexual assault or perversion of some type that occurred in the person’s life. However it may be prompting or activating personal issues that are unresolved. This is such a sensitive subject and I am sensing very strongly that this installment is enough for now. I truly believe this is a subject that is worthy of personal mentoring. I would like to end with an example of a dream that caused much concern and worry for a dreamer that was looking at their dream literally instead of metaphorically.

I dreamed that a child very close to me was being raped and beat up. It was so graphic. I saw the bruises and black and blue marks very clearly. Since I knew the child and the father I was concerned that the father was abusing their little girl. I of course began to pray for the child’s protection and for the father to stop what he was doing. Sometime later I had another dream with the child in it but about something happening in my church. I had a few more dreams of this sort. After much prayer God revealed to me that the little girl in my dreams represented the church I was attending. With more prayer for my church a problem developed in the group with some people being asked to leave. I was told by God that it was the church that needed my prayer for protection because it was being taken advantage by some of its members. Wow! How enlightening!

What a great learning experience concerning the need for prayer, gifting and skill in order to interpret dreams correctly.

Pastor Mary Ann Kotch DreamLab7 © 2016

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