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Discerning of Spirits

In the natural, a gift usually comes wrapped in pretty paper with a shiny ribbon that is meant to be opened and enjoyed. Sometimes gifts are for enjoyment; sometimes they’re useful items and often-times fulfill someone’s wish. Gifts are most always welcomed. The gifts God offers do not come in a box wrapped in pretty paper yet every one of them is meant be enjoyed and used to bring glory to the Father of lights.. The gifts help us fight the good fight in overcoming the purposes and plans of demonic powers that ultimately bring affliction and at the same time distract us from the Creator’s truth and our determination to serve him. Therefore every gift God offers to us is important.

In the biblical writings of 1 Corinthians 12 NKJ we read about the Charismatic gifts that were given to man. Each individual gift serves a purpose by helping to build-up the body of Christ and brings us victory.

This article concerns one of those extraordinary gifts that can be yours for the asking.

In 1 Cor.12:10 NKJ we are clearly told about the gift of discerning of spirits, or as some have labeled it, distinguishing of spirits. This gift is divinely inspired and is quite different than the natural ability to discern situation’s or make personal decisions.

Whether you choose to label the gift as distinguishing or discerning of spirits it is a most important gift, one that each of us should diligently seek after and pray for. It is actually part and parcel of all other revelatory giftings. The powers of darkness can be overwhelming and run rampant in the world. Discerning/distinguishing the differences between spirits is absolutely essential especially concerning the signs of the times that we are now living in. Not just in America but around the entire world. There are four areas of spiritual encounters. Knowing and understanding them should be a priority as we learn to operate in this gift by accurately identify one spirit from another always keeping in mind that all of Gods gifts are meant to build up the body of Christ and all of Gods children.

1-The Holy Spirit: learning to identify the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit is a priority especially since it is often confused with the human spirit. 2-Heavenly spirits: seeing hearing or sensing the presence of angels, hosts, cherubim, seraphim, and all divinely created beings. These can be mistaken because of religious or cultural teaching we may have had. 3-The human spirit: this is often mistaken for the presence of the Holy Spirit because of personal desire and emotion. However; distinguishing of spirits will help you identify the differences between the soul or carnal nature and the Holy Spirit. 4-Demonic spirits: Learning to discern the demonic from the human or soulish spirit, heavenly spirits and the Holy Spirit is at times easy and yet can be most difficult. Very often the human spirit is wrongfully identified with the Holy Spirit or heavenly spirits. (it does take practice.) The gift of discerning of spirits is a gift that develops and increases over time. It is based on the depth of one’s spiritual maturity and our intimate relationship with the creator. Of all 12 charismatic gifts I believe discerning/distinguishing of spirits must take priority if we are to succeed in bringing the manifest Kingdom of God into the world and into our personal life. This gift will help us to identify those spirits which are present in any given situation. It can be used for guidance, knowing the perfect will of God and learning his ways. The ability to discern the difference between spirits will help us make accurate decisions while offering help to others.

Pastor Mary Ann Kotch DreamLab7 © 2016

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