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Numbers and What They Represent Parts 1-2

Part One

Dreams are full of symbols that range from places to colors to people to seasons. One of the prevalent symbols God uses in dreams is numbers. They can range from single digits to multiple digits and can represent a variety of metaphorical subjects from age to verses in the bible or perhaps money. At I always interpret numbers according to the Ancient Hebraic method of interpretation we do not use numerology or other sources used in New Age circles. The numbers one to ten are often most prominent in dreams and visions. In this teaching I am focusing on the numbers 1-10 and what those numbers represent. Keep in mind that any dream elements can be positive or negative depending on the context of the entire dream.

1---God, beginning, unity, a beginning, source, singleness.

2---Two Witnesses, double portion, support, division, separation

3---Trinity, complete, fullness, soul and spirit

4---Seasons, God’s creative works, directions, north, south, east, west, weakness

5---Grace, five-fold ministry, redemption, favor

6---Physical world, humanity, incomplete, man

7---Perfection, purified, fullness

8---Teacher, new beginnings, strength, transcend, limits or supernatural

9---Life’s seasons, conclusion, final, evangelism, judgment, and serpent

10-Pastor, shepherding, journey, testing, trial, the law, government

The meanings of these numbers are not written in stone. However they are meanings that have scriptural references guarantying their integrity. Numbers in dreams and visions cannot be disregarded since they are an element of significant importance. While they may seem irrelevant to some, numbers are part of God’s spiritual system that can help bring one to his or her spiritual destiny.

Part Two

One of the many integral elements God uses in dreams is numbers. They can be single or multiple digits and can refer to age, years, dates, times, money, house numbers or books and verses in the bible. It is also possible they can imply seasons, days, years, geographical areas, age, phone numbers or any given situation including birthdays or perhaps even monetary value. Whatever number or numbers are received in a dream, DreamLab7 interprets them according to Ancient Hebraic writings. We don’t use any other sources such as secular numerology since we believe that most messages of the night is spiritual communication between the dreamer and the Creator.

The numbers one to ten are often most prominent in dreams and visions. I have these numbers listed in part one of symbolic numbers on I always teach that dream elements can be positive or negative depending on the context of the entire dream. In my studies and experience with interpretation the Hebraic source of knowledge concerning numbers is the most legitimate and will reveal the most comprehensive meanings in understanding the dreams we dream. In historical writings we discover that numbers are much more important than the quantity they imply. They play a prominent and varied role in historical writings and appear throughout the bible. It is essential to know there is a fine line between the Hebraic meaning of numbers and that of the secular viewpoint.

Dreamlab7 believes that historical Hebraic references and principles must always be the foundation. As we interpret dreams if we desire to reach an accurate meaning of the heavenly message we receive this is the path the Lord has appointed for us to take in order to hear Him clearly through our dreams. Numbers, though very significant, can be very confusing in certain instances. However, there is no doubt they are an essential ingredient that is extremely valuable as we delve into the interpretation of the divinely inspired message that our Creator is communicating to us as His children. In my experience the practice of adding numbers together and interpreting the sum total of the number in question, or adding numbers together to arrive at a single digit between one and nine, is not accurate. I believe that learning to understanding the Ancient Hebraic method of dream interpretation will help to illuminate our understanding of a dream.

Single digit numbers are easily interpreted such as the number 1. Most often it symbolizes the Godhead or a new beginning. The number 5 symbolizes grace whereas the number 50 usually symbolizes victory, liberty or celebration. As for large numbers such as 750, I would use the numbers as spoken 7 hundred and fifty. 7 being the specific number, spiritual perfection, wholeness or fullness multiplied in the hundreds and then 50, victory, or liberty. Interpreting the number 750 would be interpreted as spiritual perfection of victory and liberty.

Following is a sampling of symbolic numbers that I have researched from a variety of studies. Some are often used by interpreters while some descriptions are a bit unusual. They are derived from my personal study.

I begin with number 1 as I did in Numbers -1-and move ahead with a variety of other examples. Some of the meanings are repeated from my original teaching while there are some changes and additions. This is certainly not an exhaustive search but does offer some examples to review that can add to your personal journal.

1-God, beginning, prime source, self determination

2-Division, separate, support, increase, witness

3-Triune God, fullness, completeness, spiritual perfection

4-Seasons, directions, God’s creative ability, works

5-Redeeming favor, change for good, grace

6-Physical world of man, humanity, the carnal nature of man

7-Divine perfection, completeness, spiritual maturity

8-New beginnings, to rise above, teacher

9-Life’s seasons, finality, conclusions, fruits of the spirit.

10-Trial, testing, shepherding, ten commandments.

11- Prophetic, transition, to be enlightened, disorderly

12-Apostolic, government or the law, God’s perfection

13-Age of maturity, change. Rebellion or corruption

14-Multiple abilities, deliverance from negatives

15-Mercy, being pardoned, healing

16-Establishing new beginnings, freshness

17-Order, victory, promotion, revolution

18-Establishment of newness, blessings or judgment

19-Divine order, faith, bareness

20-Redeeming accomplishment, expectancy

Summing up the spiritual significance of any number isn’t always clear. Its meaning may be implied, veiled or hidden. Some of this teaching is repeated in order for new information to flow smoothly. However, there is much more depth to this study. It does not negate the prior teaching but simply adds to it. In the Hebrew language numbers are also used as letters, words or concepts which can be taken as literal or symbolic. I’ve added a few meanings of the pictures and numbers that you may find interesting.

1-Ox or bull, strength, leader

2-Tent or house, family, household

3-Camel, to be lifted up, pride

4-Door, entry pathway

5-Window, to reveal, inspiration

6-Nail, hook, to fasten, joins together

7-Weapon, cut off

8-Fence, enclosure, inner room, heart, private

9-Snake, serpent, surround

10-Hand that is closed, deed, works, to make.

Pastor Mary Ann Kotch Dreamlab7 (c) 2016

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