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The Color of God's Voice

Divinely inspired messages are consistent and constant. Talking to God, that is praying, is common-place for some. But the question is; how many take the time to really listen? The Spirit of God isn’t just within us, he is all around us, he is everywhere, and He is omnipresent.

Many years ago when I was new to the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit I wondered why the Lord only spoke to certain people. The answer I received was very clear: “I speak all the time in many ways but most are not listening.” He continued “I will speak to whomever I want, when I want, where I want and how I want.” That was revelatory for me.

Some people are under the impression that God stopped speaking to his children many years ago. While His Word is the “the” guideline, the Lord continues to communicate with us in many other ways. For those who are tuned in, who are hungry, who seek his presence, guidance and direction, hearing God can be the reality. The possibilities are endless. Any positive contribution I make in this article is anemic at best when compared to the fullness and scope of who God is. Hopefully what I do offer will help you to grow spiritually to reach the purpose for which you were created. There are no limits as to who God is or what he can do. There is always something new to learn, something new to explore.

The closer we come to this awesome Creator of all things, the more we will be open and ready to recognize how and when he speaks to us. Since he knows everything about us it’s a spiritual certainty, God desires to speak to us. How we respond is the question. I’ve listed some of the obvious ways the Holy Spirit communicates with us. While it is far from complete, it is a beginning.

The Written Word

This is obviously a priority and a major guide. It is the plumb-line by which we measure all divine manifestations and communications. Looking and reading the history and teachings in the bible can and does lead and guide us on a personal level.


Colors can be instrumental in hearing the voice of God as He will often express his everlasting love for us through a display of colors. For example what is your favorite color? My Favorite color is yellow with orange a close second. Yellow expresses God’s light, love and giftedness to me while orange tells me I can persevere through everything in life whether negative or positive.


Hearing is one of the five senses. It is a major avenue God uses to speak to us whether it’s through music, the sound of rushing water, a warbling bird or the whistle of a locomotive. Listen to the music. Hear the sounds, the vibrations. Listen with spiritual ears. Let it speak to you.


Aromas seem to be one of the Lord’s favorite ways of letting you know he’s there. Just this morning I awoke to the fragrance of baby powder. The aroma spoke volumes to me since baby powder represents “comfort.”


They symbolize a variety of feelings and situations depending on the type of animal. The message from God could be one of encouragement or direction. I live in the country so I often have the occasion to watch several different types of animals especially deer. Quite often the Lord speaks to me through these animals.


For some it is difficult to take seriously what others say. But for those of us who are watchers it is evident God speaks through the actions and words of others.


From all I have learned and heard from others over the years there is no question in my mind that God will use a movie, a television show or a book to speak to us. Often times we can learn awesome lessons that teach us more about God’s ways which can be of comfort and direction while at the same time instilling in us a greater degree of wisdom. I recently finished reading the book “Killing Lincoln.” The account gave me another revelatory dimension into what life is all about.


God does use numbers to speak volumes to us. It’s quite evident. Reading through biblical accounts from Genesis to Revelation gives us proof that numbers have important meanings. I have been asked many times what the meaning of a particular number is. We do need to consider the circumstances surrounding our life. When we do receive numbers we have to investigate what is the biblical meaning of the number that God is impressing upon us. At times the Lord will continuously repeat a particular number, such as 3, for a period of time. He may be calling your attention to a number in a dream or perhaps you always notice the clock when it strikes three. Alertness and attention are by-words when we learn to hear God.


You might consider “intuition” our sixth sense. It certainly is a part of who we are and what we feel. At certain times it’s that little part of you that can’t be explained but you know that you know. Some people refer to it as their “knower.” Have you ever heard someone say “I’m getting a red flag about that situation or that person?” Some time ago I had committed to help a certain ministry. I trusted the individual and was able to help those seeking revelation in dream interpretation. During this time I had received red flags but opted to ignore them. As issues began surfacing the negatives concerning this person in charge became unmistakable. The situation became hurtful, not only to me personally, but also was damaging to my ministry. As I wondered what had happened the Lord spoke very clearly to me about intuition. He said “Intuition is not simply a natural gift but a spiritual gift as well.” Pay attention to your feelings. It’s part of who you are.


There is a myriad of natural signs that God can and does use to speak to us, to teach us and even bring healing…the sun, moon, stars, ocean, rain, wind, storms, trees, flowers. Remember also the workings of our natural bodies such as breathing, blood flow, muscles, bones and our dream life.


We naturally have our five senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. When a person is lacking anyone of these senses it always magnifies one of the other senses. If a person is sightless hearing becomes more sensitive than normal. In order to hear God supernaturally it is important to have increased spiritual senses. In the natural realm these can also be developed on a deeper level. The soul senses can be developed by adding strength to fight our soulish responses to issues and circumstances.

Learning to hear God takes practice. It’s important to know His ways. Even though in this lifetime we can’t attain complete understanding of who we are, who God is and how and why he speaks to us, we can, within the bounds of our own human knowledge, begin to hear him more clearly. This is a constant challenge that is worthy of our dedicated effort. Jan. 2016

Pastor Mary Ann Kotch DreamLab7 (C) 2016

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