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Basic Dream Interpretation

Interpreting a dream is searching and sifting through the many symbols, clues, much like piecing together a board puzzle. Every dream that is divinely inspired has a purpose.

Each dream carries within it the dream focus. In 95% of the time the focal point or focus of a dream is about the dreamer. When the dreamer is the focus it is termed an intrinsic dream because the Creator has a specific purpose to communicate to the dreamer which has an important objective. The purpose of one’s dream can center on teaching, guidance, correction, warning, revelation, inspiration and encouragement. There are occasions when a dream could be prophetic i.e. forecasting something yet to come.

In another situation the dreamer can be enlightened or inspired with a word of knowledge i.e. something about another person or issue in their life that, in the natural, the dreamer would otherwise have no way of knowing. Another major type of dream is a revelatory dream. This type can be an invitation to pray for others. Any one of these types of dreams can bring about significant change that would bring about spiritual growth and maturity for the dreamer.

To be sure dreams are basically symbolic. However there are occasions when a dream can be literal or perhaps extrinsic this would be about another person or situation outside of the dreamer’s personal life.

When interpreting any symbol it is strongly suggested that referencing Webster’s dictionary should, only at certain times, be a last resort remembering there could be culture value to a particular symbol. These can all be a part of your search. However, most importantly biblical interpretation of any symbol, including numbers, is the priority knowing that scripture carries great weight in any divinely inspired dream.

Pastor Mary Ann Kotch DreamLab7 (C)2015

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