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Tried & True Interpretive Methods

The oldest and most valid method of dream interpretation is the ancient Hebraic method. This method evolved from manuscripts found in the Torah and other biblical writings. In these manuscripts we have numerous examples of dreams and visions that illustrate communication between God and man. The primary assumption is in a supernatural God who desires to communicate with man who has limitations in language and understanding.

How then does an unlimited supernatural God communicate with a limited being? The answer is seen in the language of dreams and visions and with the vocabulary of symbols. Dreams and visions allow a supernatural God to speak to our heart bypassing our mind that has varied filters of beliefs, opinions and limitations. When our minds are inactive, at rest, we’re then able to download spiritual communication from a supernatural God.

Getting it Right Because dreams are symbolic, i.e. they mean something other than what they seem, it’s important that having a dream interpreted it be placed in the hands of a skilled and credible interpreter. While a dream may sound pleasant and simple in reality the dream suggests something totally different.

Here is an example of a dream titled “Car Keys.” “I walked into my kitchen. On the table were two sets of car keys. As I looked at them I wondered if they were for me why there were two sets of keys.”

Unskilled Incorrect Interpretation: “You are going to receive a new car and will be able to choose which one you would like to have.”

Correct Interpretation: “Dreamer: You are being given a choice to make in your life. Both choices will bring positive results. However, one will bring more increase and open more doors of opportunity than the other. The dream is to help prepare you to make the best and more productive choice.”

Interpretations are anchored in knowing what dream language and symbols actually mean. Without that knowledge and skill dream interpretations can be something other than what they really mean.


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