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Dream Teacher

     Dream:  Eagle

"I'm traveling somewhere on a dirt road surrounded by trees.  Suddenly an eagle, the size of a dinosaur appears directly in my path...materializing instantly before me. It is looking down at me as it covers the entire road before me.  I then wake up."


Your Title:    “Eagle”

Dream Element           Relative Importance    Dream Category          Interpretation of elements


Dream Focus:            The dreamer                  Dream is Literal

Dream Sub-focus       The eagle                      Dream prophetic                  

Dream Sub-focus       Dirt road                       Spiritual path/journey

Important detail          Trees                            Leadership  


Dream Purpose:    Encouragement

Dream Category:  Revelation


Dreamer, you are on a spiritual path that hasn’t been smooth.  However the dream is an encouragement as God is making you aware of His awesome presence in your life.  It also shows you are surrounded by strong leaders. It may imply revelatory ability that is developing in your life. 

Application:  Begin practicing what you sense may be revelation in your life. Pursue checking it out for more clarity with someone who is mature in this type of giftedness.

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