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Partners/ Dream Interpretation

Seminars, workshops for churches, groups or homes would depend on the location and the length of time that is desired. 

Contact us to set up these services.


DreamLab7 will interpret your dreams, visions and supernatural experiences with revelatory insight to illuminate, edify and encourage you. Exposing the hidden mysteries of your dreams and visions that hold the key to perplexing questions, your past, your future and your destiny. 


Your interpretation will be given to you in plain-language, clarity and straight-forwardness that will simplify and unravel the unknown. 


Dream Interpretation

Monthly Partnership 

Gem Partnership
Partnership Includes 

One Free Copy of "COLORS"

Pearl Partner


One (1) 500 character dream interpretation including prophetic insight.

Sapphire Partner


One (1) 1,000 character dream interpretation including prophetic insight.

Ruby Partner


Three (3) 500 character dream interpretations including prophetic insight.

Diamond Partner


Three (3) 1,000 character dream interpretations including prophetic insight.

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Become A Partner


Personal Mentorship


Mentoring is essential to your personal development and empowerment for growing in spiritual gifts.

DreamLab7 personal mentoring program will help you to unlock your fullest potential. 

Dream Interpretation Instruction


Learn the etiquette and language of dream instruction. 

Spiritual Counseling


Personal Prayer for Healing or Spiritual Counseling

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Along with all services offered we gratefully receive monthly or one time donations made to the ministry. These donations are tax deductible 501(c)(3). Click here to make your donation.



When a customer makes a purchase on a dreamlab7 eCommerce  site or a site with a PayPal or the Add to Cart button, the only information added by the customer on the site is the product and any product options.


Once a customer clicks Checkout, the customer is redirected away from the site and to your merchant account page. Any personal or payment details that the customer has to enter are therefore not entered on the site but rather on the merchant account site which is secured by the merchant account.

The security of our users' accounts is of extreme importance to us here and we are 100% committed to online safety. 


DreamLab7's sign up and login services are completed through a secure server. The information provided to us in the sign up process is secured via SSL communication. In addition we do not keep users' passwords in a database. This means that even in the event of a database breach, the passwords cannot be restored 


The income helps to offset website, newsletters, computer, office expenses, and outreaches. It also takes into consideration the years of investments made into specialized training. 


Upon request we offer free services to those experiencing financial hardship.


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