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Dreams Matter


Everyone dreams.  Dreams are always symbolic.  They mean something other than what they seem to be. Dreams originate in the supernatural realm, therefore they are God authored.   Dreams can speak to your past, your present and even your future. They never condemn but rather reveal, warn and always encourage.  Dreams could also prophesy a future event or reveal positive meanings in your life.   Dreams can shape lives.  They deal with heart issues of personal longings, opinions and emotions. For these reasons  it is essential the dream or dreams you have experienced need to be interpreted because  

dreams matter.


Mary Ann Kotch, an ordained prophetic pastor and seer, is a master interpreter recognized as a forerunner in the ministry of dream interpretation. She subscribes to the authentic Hebraic method of interpreting dreams.  Her ministry spans more than two generations having interpreted more than 15,000 dreams.  Her cry is "tell me your dream...I'll tell you what it means." 

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