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    Our clarity in interperation of dreams & visions are building blocks to guide you into your destiny.

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    DreamLab7 is an interactive international online dream and vision interpreting/teaching ministry founded by Mary Ann Kotch, an ordained prophetic pastor.  She is director, host and administrator of DreamLab7.   As a master dream and vision interpreter she functions as a Seer with a strong prophetic revelatory anointing that has spanned more than three decades.  Her resume includes  training and study under the guidance of the late John Paul Jackson and other respected national and international forerunners in the field of dream interpretation.  With many years of revelatory knowledge and interpretive skills she has interpreted thousands of dreams.  It's her earnest desire to edify, comfort and encourage the dreamer and in the process to mentor those she encounters in helping to develop their full potential, ability and divine purpose in life.


    The DreamLab7 team consists of skilled interpreters who practice ancient Hebraic teachings that aid in their interpretation of dreams and visions. DreamLab7 is a spiritual laboratory of dedicated researchers who are trained to see into the spirit realm with the revelatory gifts to escort you into unlocking your future.

    My desire is to be a blessing to others, to see God move in their lives, and to make it known that the Creator is available to release in them the freshness of new found revelation in wide-ranging ways that will equip them to be who God created them to be. My goal is to train and prepare men and women who desire more of the supernatural with spiritual tools that will enable them to fulfill their hunger for revelation in the realm of dream and vision interpretation…an extraordinary hunger that is growing exponentially.


    Wow!! A second inteercession dream.  Makes you wonder what the Holy Spirit is up to!  Thanks so much.  Be blessed in Him.          Loraine

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